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All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all

Who says God doesn’t hear the “little” prayers? Well… Guilty, before charged.

Farm visits cause kitten fever

Several weeks ago, my family was given an unexpected opportunity to rescue an abandoned kitten. I called for the status on a furniture order, and I hung up with the dilemma of adding to our pet menagerie (not so outlandish, but with 5 children, the potential is high).

After some discussion and a glass of wine, my defenses were weakened to compassion for all God’s creatures. Not to mention puppy-eyed children desperate for more to cuddle and corral. Superman and I said yes.

Long story short (your welcome), that kitten opportunity fell through. Insult was added onto injury when son #2 wasn’t allowed to bring home a kitten he nursed while at the farm because a kitten was waiting for him here.

Kitten fever then ran high. “Well, let’s just go to the shelter and get a kitten,” they pleaded. Where void is felt, the urge to immediately fill it is great. My thoughts sputtered and kitten momentum almost carried me away.

“No,” I determined. “Rushing into this is not good. It was an opportunity presented to us. We didn’t go looking for it. The opportunity fell through, so we can slow down here. Let’s pray and ask God for a new opportunity. Let’s wait and see.”

So we prayed. I prayed with them at night-prayers, wondering how such an opportunity might come, or would come. And did I really want it to come? Sure, we could just go rescue any kitten– goodness knows there’s plenty out there. But I was looking for something more concrete.

This morning, I opened the Fort Bragg Patch site to find this article: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs. “You might not be able to save nine lives, but how about one?”, wrote author, Julie Donahue.  “The Fort Bragg animal shelter and adoption facility had 45 kittens and cats as of Friday in need of some tender loving care.

So, is this our open invitation?