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Image from: Families Supporting Adoption

America has some wacky commemorative months. A brief Google search revealed everything from National Prune Breakfast Month in January, to National Audiobook Month in June. If you were hoping to celebrate National Toilet Tank Repair Month, too bad, you’ll have to wait a year. It was in October. Sorry.

Sadly, neither of the top two sources on my Google search included National Adoption Awareness Month. National Novel Writing Month? Yes (yeah! I like that). Peanut Butter Lover’s Month? You betcha. National Adoption Awareness Month? Not. On. Either. List.


Despite these obvious gaffs, it is National Adoption Awareness Month, and I plan on celebrating by bringing awareness to this God-given gift that has forever changed my life. I hope to educate those who may be considering adoption and encourage those in the process. I want to offer support and a voice to those on the other side of adoption and be a link for families to make new connections.

I’ll be blogging throughout the month on topics surrounding adoption: the why’s, how’s and after-shocks. My goal isn’t to provide comprehensive resources or bust my blog’s seams on data. If you’re looking for that, go visit adoption.com.

My focus is more personal and pinpointed. I’ll share some intimacies of our adoption (or link you to past posts). I will provide resources I’ve found most helpful along our continuing journey. Probably most fun, I will highlight some adoption-centered stories written by friends whose lives have also been forever changed by adoption – each one wonderfully God-ordained; each one incredibly unique.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even attempt a dive into the current climate of international adoption – unfortunately for millions of children, it’s growing chilly.

As my ultimate way of celebrating, I want to gift you (well, at least two of you) with a book! This is a first for me (giving away a book on my blog – not giving away a book) and I’m pretty excited to show you my appreciation for reading and commenting all month.

Every time you ‘like’, ‘tweet’ or comment (on the blog!) on a post I will enter your name to win a new copy of either Love You More, by Jennifer Grant or The Girl in the Orange Dress, by Margot Starbuck – both books which tell the story of adoption in a very different way. I am honored to be associated with both Jennifer and Margot through the Redbud Writer’s Guild. Their passion for writing as an avenue to creating cultural change is inspiring and I’m humbled to call them comrades in this writing life.

The more you comment and like, the more you’re entered. So speak, like and tweet up… often!

And now, here we go down the path of celebrating – not National Pomegranate Month or National Lifewriting Month (though some of my blogging could fit here) – rather, National Adoption Awareness Month!

Join the celebration by reading, ‘liking’, tweeting, facebooking and leaving your comments (again – on the blog – just in case you missed this the first time). We’ll have the grand finale and book drawings the last week of November.


First up: Answering the forever question, “Why?”