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If you know me beyond my blog and facebook postings, you’ll laugh at the obviousness of this confession. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time and are the slightest bit perceptive, you’ll do the same. If neither of the above apply – well, I’m sorry. Here goes:

I am an incredibly. Passionate. Person.

I know. Profound.

Just yesterday, I spent the day passionately ranting at my children for their brain’s inability to fire for school – despite the last several weeks we’ve either had off due to trips or interrupted due to appointments and my own blooming work schedule. Last weekend, I passionately absorbed myself in all things South Beach Miami – at least all the legal aspects: the trees, flowers, water, food, shopping, people (did you realize that no one wears sneakers in South Beach? True. Either sandals – preferably flip-flops – or heels – those are your choices). My passion for discovery and learning, has filled our home with books I’ll probably never read, but refuse to ever sell. The notion of being a “glass half-empty or a glass half-full” person is ridiculous. My glass is either flowing over or cracked dry.

I think you get the idea.

It’s always bothered me a little – passionate me. Why can’t I just keep my head screwed on straight in the midst of stress and chaos? Why can’t my inner voice be one of reason, rather than the “just put me in the barrel now and toss me over Niagara Falls,” attitude that flows about as forcefully as the water over the cliff, carrying me on my way?

But, isn’t it true, you’re weakest link is also your greatest strength?

Passion fuels learning and exploration. It makes a man hunger for a cure to deadly disease, thirst for clean water for every village on earth. Passion brings new life amidst old ways. It starts revolutions that birth new nations, which – in turn – birth new freedoms for its citizens.

Passion says there are children in need of parents and then answers the call. It struggles – however fitfully – to find abiding love on the other side. Passion can’t keep quiet when it finds something new and wonderful to share. Whether it is the story of a warship, a soldier, a gardener or an entrepreneurial chef. Passion believes in the power of a story to change another’s heart and make the world a sweeter place.

Passion nailed Himself to a cross, for the sake of another – knowing full well that the other’s passion will keep her fitful and somewhat immature. But He doesn’t care. He loves her passion. He created it. He has plans for it. He chose to die for it, so her passion can be expressed, flourish and truly live.

I think this is a great season to talk Passion. Over the next several weeks, maybe even leading into and through the Lenten season, I hope to share some stories of Passion. It’s something I’ve been considering lately, and I want to explore it with you.

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