On Writing

Martin Luther said, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen.”

When I write, I don’t know that I’m thinking of changing the world so much as longing to notice this world around me; the fullness of living– turning others’ heads to notice, too. The process is painstaking. Often I’m overwhelmed by “voice” and “audience” and “platform”, letting fears bog me down.

Yet, still, I well up with an insatiable need to write.

Here is a link to some of my first online published work:

NC Zoo Club

Summer Reflections for Homeschool Moms

To Barefoot or Not to Barefoot

Raven Rock’s Great Gift

I have been published regularly since 2011 in several regional lifestyles magazines in North Carolina:

Elite Magazine:


CityView Family:

I have an article published in Pain Pathways, a national publication serving those living with chronic pain, in which I told the story of a Ft. Bragg soldier who overcame his addiction to opioid addiction through a spinal chord implant procedure and his love of cycling.

Finally, I have a publication with Today’s Christian Woman online magazine, in which I told the story of our family’s adoption in 2009 of two children from Ethiopia, my personal struggles to bond with my adopted children, and what I learned about the biblical concepts of love and dying to myself.

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  1. hey u have shared very nice link on life.


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