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I’m glad you stopped by. I’m Shari, a writer living among the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Welcome to my home on the web.

This website is primarily my blog. But it’s also a place for my readers to connect with me, see what I’m up to: writing, reading, and wondering wise. I hope you’ll stay and visit awhile. I’m all about some good company.

On the Blog

Winds, a New Year, & Right-mindedness

Today the landscape out my front window is still and an icy shade of blue. The light coating of snow on the mountains has finally gone by the way (though, clearly not when I took the above picture, last week). According to my local news station's weather app, by...

Artifacts of Advent: Farm Light and Shepherd Joy

  The pink candle was always my favorite. It also was most confusing to me. Pink for Shepherds? For Joy? Shouldn’t pink be for Angels and Love? Still I wonder about it. But, maybe pink for Joy makes sense. With Joy comes light that shines out—just as the pink...