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I’m glad you stopped by. I’m Shari, a writer living among the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Welcome to my home on the web.

This website is primarily my blog. But it’s also a place for my readers to connect with me, see what I’m up to: writing, reading, and wondering wise. I hope you’ll stay and visit awhile. I’m all about some good company.

On the Blog

Coming Home to Children’s Literature

I am enrolled this fall in a children’s literature course at Hollins. I’ve been slowly picking my way through classes in Hollins MALS program: Masters of Arts and Liberal Studies. My focus is—shocking—all things literature. Immersing myself if children’s literature...

A New Website…On making old endeavors new again.

A new website. Wow. I hope I do well with it. For the past nine months (maybe more?) I’ve been working with a professional website designer (Thanks, Christian!) to create a new, “more official” website home where I can be visited online. I won’t lie. The whole process...