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My Wandering Pen. Blog Thoughts.

"Not all those who wander are lost."

– J.R.R. Tolkein

Consider the Cicada

image from It is the season of the cicadas here in my Southwest Virginia mountain town. I’d never heard of cicadas until moving out East. It is one more thing I love about this part of the country. My first introduction to cicadas was in 2004—our first full...

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My favorite photo of 2019

Happy 2020! I'm sure you've heard it, or read it or thought it a hundred times already this year, but here it is again: Time really is flying by. I remember ushering in the year 2000--a young 20-something, dewy new mama--thinking, "Gosh, imagine how old I'll be twenty...

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Coming Home to Children’s Literature

I am enrolled this fall in a children’s literature course at Hollins. I’ve been slowly picking my way through classes in Hollins MALS program: Masters of Arts and Liberal Studies. My focus is—shocking—all things literature. Immersing myself if children’s literature...

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Traveling in Spring

  One of the things I love about traveling to other parts of the country in fall and spring is seeing the way the seasons roll across the land east to west—like the sun, only slower. A few weekends ago I...

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Signs of Life in the Dust

I can see it. For the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed the pointed shoots of green poking through last year’s decayed flowers, that littering my garden beds and back porch pots. I look out my windows and see the beginnings of rusty purple gauze lacing the bare branches...

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