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Valentines Day BlogThis week I’ve poured all my blogging efforts into a blog post for Blue Ridge Pain Management. This happens to be Superman’s workplace.
In fact, I’ve been pouring lots of my blogging efforts into blogging for my husband’s (and his two partners’) website. You see, he’s not really Superman (Shh: don’t tell him that!). He’s a pain medicine doctor. He treats people who suffer with chronic pain. He and his partners have been working for over a year to build this awesome website that not only gives their patients great information, but also provides another way for them to feel ‘touched’ so to speak: encouraged, empowered…better able to live as overcomers and not victims of their pain.
That’s where I come in. I’m their primary blogger. I write articles that encourage, inspire, and inform. Or, I clean up, er, edit anything the docs write, schedule and publish to the site (Did you know doctors aren’t very good at grammar?).
This week, I wrote a Valentines Day post: 14 Ways to be Your Own Best Valentine. Does that sound self-aggrandizing? Hmm…maybe. But the truth is, we all need ways to relieve stress, have fun, not take life so seriously…all that stuff. In the process, we often rediscover the many gifts and joy in our life, and in the process reconnect to the Gift-Giver. For people living with chronic pain (read: a constant painful stressor, every day, all day), these little personal hugs become extremely important.
So…I hope you go visit me over at (click on the blog link at the top, if you go this route) and have some fun reading about ways you, too, can give yourself a little love this weekend–or even find an idea for loving someone else well. The article is full of fun ideas, resources, and links (yay for links!). Then, come back here and share some of your own ideas! 😉
Happy Valentines Day!
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