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This post is simple. I’d like to share with you a small list of beautiful resources. Some of these I’ve been gleaning from for years now, some for only a few months or even days. I commend each one in different ways and for different reasons. You may not connect with all of them. But, each of them is doing a good and truthful work for the Sake of Beauty.

Specific to Lent:

The Lent Project; Biola University, Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts

Art and Theology; a blog by Victoria Emily Jones

WORD in the Wilderness; lenten poetry devotionals, by Malcolm Guite (I initially linked this to Rabbit Room Press. Unfortunately they are currently sold out)

On Beauty in General:

Ordinary Saints; a multimedia project combining poetry, visual art, and music

Great Books podcast; especially their recent post, Episode 166: The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Truth and Beauty episode from the Young Heretics podcast; Note: I’m not necessarily endorsing the entire podcast to your listening. This, however, is an excellent discussion of truth and beauty. (You can also find Young Heretics on all your preferred podcast outlets)