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My Wandering Pen. Blog Thoughts.

"Not all those who wander are lost."

– J.R.R. Tolkein

Dancing Like Me

My children (most of them) were off the entire week of school last week. Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Tuesday was a teacher work day (for two of them, the other two went to school). Then, snow. It was lovely at first; snow falling on the mountains, wrapping...

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The Holiness of Spoons

Only hours (minutes?) into my New Year’s Resolution and I’m failing. Of course I am. Why would I think otherwise? Living present to the mundane is anything but natural. Anything but automatic. Eating healthy and exercising regularly is easier for me than noticing the...

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Slow Food. Slow Judgement.

Two weeks ago, I attended Roanoke’s first official Pop-Up Dinner. “What’s that?” you ask. Pretty much what it sounds like: a dining experience that “pops up” for a one night only appearance. Like lots of terms these days (‘hipster’ and ‘lit’ for example), the...

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